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iLite Roselle Drink

iLite Roselle Drink

  • $6.80

Roselle is a species of hibiscus native to West Africa.
It is common used to make jelly, jam, juice, wine, ice cream & flavourings. We procure only freeze dried Roselle to provide the purest form of Roselle tea.

• Antioxidants Packed
• Mid-Calorie Drink Mixes (45 kcal per serve)
• Healthier Choice Compliant
• Reduced Sugar
• No Artificial Flavourings
• No Artificial Colourings
• No Preservatives

Ingredients: Sugar, Roselle, Natural Flavourings, Stevia Leaf Extract

Directions: Mix one sachet in 220mL of water. Best enjoyed with Ice!

12g x 10 sachets / box

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