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Wellness Hut Rose Apple Flower

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Rose Apple Flower tea is naturally caffeine-free and high in antioxidants.

Ingredients: Apple Flowers, French Rose Buds (苹果花,法国玫瑰)

 Apple Flowers (苹果花)

Polyphenols in the apple flowers giving rise to many health benefits. 

Traditionally, apple flowers are believed to be good for complexion by promoting clear skin and giving a radiant complexion. It is also known to promote digestion and reduce fats build-up. 

French Rose Buds (法国玫瑰)

Roses have been used for cultural and medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Rose tea is an aromatic herbal beverage made from the fragrant petals and buds of rose flowers. The aroma is soothing, and able to calm nerves down. 

It is rich in antioxidants such as gallic acids and anthocyanins.

Traditional beliefs:

Rose tea made from the buds has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat menstrual pain.

Net Weight: 40g

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